Eliminate your debt
with Syndic.ca!

Eliminate your debt with Syndic.ca!

Several solutions can help eliminate debt. Voluntary deposit, debt consolidation, negociation with your creditors and bankruptcy are a few examples. For each situation, the solution will be different. Your adviser at Syndic.ca will make you a strategic plan based on your individual needs. Tired of calls from various creditors ? You have a lot of stress because of your debt ? You are not able to pay your bills at the end of the month? Call Syndic.ca, your experienced financial advisors. They will find the alternative to your debt and guide you towards a better financial future.

At Syndic.ca, our qualified advisers will evaluate your financial situation and will offer you effective solutions.

Wether it is by a budget review, debt consolidation, voluntary deposit, consumer proposal, negotiating with creditors or personal bankruptcy, Syndic.ca will help you eliminate your debt problems!

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Depending on your situation, counselors at Syndic.ca will offer you the solutions to your financial problems. Each situation requires a deep analysis and requires a consultation with one of our experts.

Here are some solutions that we can offer you:


Sometimes, a simple review of your budget can help you avoid serious financial problems. At Syndic.ca, we help you create a budget that is realistic and that will accommadate your needs.


Debt consolidation can help you by offering you lower interest costs and monthly payments. This approach works by consolidating all your debt under one loan, either from a bank or other financial institution.


With voluntary deposit , you can avoid going bankrupt. Voluntary deposit is a method prescribed in the Civil Procedure Code which gives you the option to pay your debts by giving the Court a fixed part of your income. The court will distribute this amount to all your creditors for you.


Consumer proposal is a good alternative to personal bankruptcy. This legal process allows you to keep all your assets and settle your debts with a single monthly payment. The payment is determined by your ability to pay.

Negotiating with creditors:

In some situations, it is possible to make an agreement with creditors. You can negotiate to have an easier time paying off your debt. You can request a reduction of the debt, lower interest or even an extension of the period of repayment of the debt.

Personal bankruptcy:

When no other solution is possible, personal bankruptcy is the last resort. This solution allows you to start over again with the least possible cost. You clear your debt in a short time, and the calls of creditors and collection actions are stopped.

Several simple and effective solutions to get you back on track: